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Product Name:
Stabicad 11
Company Name:
Stabiplan International BV
Based on:
IntelliCAD 8
Product Description:
Stabicad 11 is a software package that contributes to the performance of technical offices and facility services and available with IntelliCAD technology. Stabicad 11 offers the consultant and contractor a fast solution for designing and drawing electrical engineering, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), sanitary and plumbing and safety (emergency exits). For us as the developer, Stabiplan, customers' experiences and wishes are our most important input when continuously developing Stabicad 11 to their specific line of business. The drawings made by means of Stabicad 11 are important sources of information for building services, building managers and facility services.
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Application Type:
Vertical Application
Main Category:
Building Design
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