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Product Name:
Company Name:
4M S.A.
Based on:
IntelliCAD 8
Product Description:
FINE-HVAC Integrated Environment for HVAC Projects FINE-HVAC is the only package in the market that "thinks", "suggests" and performs drawings and calculations fully automatically, creating the complete project issue, along with all the drawings. It relieves the designer of the timeconsuming drawing tasks providing the best HVAC solutions. FINE-HVAC combines both designing and calculations in a seamless integrated environment, consisted of two main components, CAD and Calculations: The CAD component thinks, proposes and implements best design solutions (i.e. location of heating units, routing procedures for piping systems, transformation of an one-line airduct system to 2D and 3D etc), producing automatically the entire calculations issue for every HVAC project, as well as all the drawings on their final form. The Calculations component adopts the most modern Techniques and latest International Standards. It consists of 8 modules: Heating Loads, Single Pipe System, Twin Pipes System, Infloor System, Cooling Loads, Fan Coils, Air Ducts and Psychrometry. Each module acquires data directly from the drawings, thus resulting in significant time saving and maximum reliability of the project results. It can also be used independently, by typing data within the module spreadsheets.
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English, French, Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Portuguese
Application Type:
Vertical Application
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Building Design
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