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Product Name:
Company Name:
4M S.A.
Based on:
IntelliCAD 8
Product Description:
FINE - LIFT Advanced Workstation for Elevator Designers Automatic Generation of Calculations and Drawings FineLIFT provides complete calculations and detailed drawings for any type of elevator (Electromechanical or Hydraulic) through a smart and flexible technique, which practically produces the study output with the final drawings in few seconds. FineLIFT consists of two Components, synergistically interacting between each other: The Calculations Component, a high functionality calculation environment, including a rich methodological background, based on EN-81 latest Standards. It provides all the calculation results and the final case study printout of the elevator installation, in a fully documented and perfectly presented layout. The CAD Component, a powerful tool, which generates automatically the final drawings according to the calculations and provide the user with global control drawing tools, as well as any editing facility through the 4MCAD commands.
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Language Support:
English, Spanish, French, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish
Application Type:
Vertical Application
Main Category:
Building Design
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Other (Building Design)  
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