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Product Name:
Carlson Mining
Company Name:
Carlson Software Inc.
Based on:
IntelliCAD 9
Product Description:

Whether the application is underground mining, surface mining, permitting or geologic mapping and reserve studies, Carlson Mining provides uniquely powerful automation combined with Carlson's trademark ease of use. Four programs make up Carlson Mining. They are:

  1. Geology
  2. Underground Mining
  3. Surface Mining
  4. Basic Mining

The Carlson Geology module makes the process from importing drill-holes, validating the data and modeling the ore to reserve calculation seamless. Other factors such as 3D viewing of the drill-holes and blocks, cross sections and queries are part of the process for the geologist to accurately represent the ore body for mining.

The Carlson Underground Mining module provides all the tools for designing and scheduling the mine projections and for mapping the mine as it is surveyed. The strong mine projection commands also contribute to the precise and verifiable mine scheduling and equipment timing. The Carlson Surface Mining Module contains the necessary tools for complex surface mine design and scheduling with equipment timing. The typical progression of the steps would be to create and layout pits, calculate reserves, then schedule the mine. Other design factors come into play, such as cross-sectional design with dragline range diagrams and 3D pit and fill design routines.

The Basic Mining module is is geared for the occasional "miner," someone who wants a low cost tool for simple mining practices.

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Application Type:
Vertical Application
Main Category:
Land Development
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Civil Engineering  
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Land Use Management