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Product Name:
QuoteCAD Manufacturing
Company Name:
CAD-Manufacturing Solutions (CMS)
Based on:
IntelliCAD 9
Product Description:
QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing is the smartest choice for small businesses that require the basic and integrated functions of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing provides out-of-the-box, base functions for functional areas like Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management, and Supplier Chain Management. Both economical, and user friendly, QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing has the lowest learning curve, and it does not require a high degree of customization like the majority of existing ERP solutions. Typical ERP implementation projects for enterprises can consume months and require a consulting team, and usually requires changes in existing business processes. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing provide for the basic out-of-the-box requirements for small businesses with setup time at a minimal. It has been completely redesigned, and its full featured structured products catalog can be linked to any technical documentation including PDF Datasheets, CMS IntelliCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, Geomagic (Alibre) Design 2D, or 3D CAD drawings files. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing development continues, and the next version will support third-party built-in applications that will expand QuoteCAD™ software features. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing will grow along with your business.
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English, and others
Application Type:
Vertical Application
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