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Product Name:
CAD Kitchens MAX
Company Name:
CAD Projekt K&A
Based on:
IntelliCAD 6
Product Description:
CAD Kitchens MAX is an ideal program for designing even the most demanding and sophisticated kitchens, but also a great tool for those users, who design their own kitchen cabinets, and for furniture manufacturers, who want to minimize the usage of raw material during production. There is a great number of various 3D models libraries available in the program, which help you design interesting and functional interiors. The program offers realistic, interactive and technologically advanced visualization, in which various textures and paints can be applied to any surfaces in the project, objects’ properties can be modified (such as transparency, own light emission, reflexions) and multiple rendering features can be used, in order to gain the most appealing results. It is also possible to regulate light parameters, for example to present the same scene in daylight and during the night. Rendered scenes can be saved as pictures (up to double Full HD resolution, also in JPS file format) or simple 3D animation or recorded as AVI videos. Such an attractive visual documentation can be then displayed on any computer. This is certainly the most appealing and professional way of presenting the results of our work to the Clients.
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Language Support:
Polish, English, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Slovak,
Application Type:
Vertical Application
Main Category:
Architectural Design Visualization
Sub Category:
Building Design  
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