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Product Name:
Company Name:
CAD Projekt K&A
Based on:
IntelliCAD 6
Product Description:
A new product in our family, desinged for the most demanding Clients. It offers all features of both CAD Decor (handy options of tiles application and edition, tiles optimization, creation of tile sets, decoration insertion, automatic summary and valuation, generation of documentation for contractors) and CAD Kitchens (options of kitchen cabinets insertion, generation of worktops, cornices and skirting boards, detailed technical documentation, household appliances module, possibility of creating your own models of cabinets and others). The program includes a great number of 3D models database of kitchen furniture, household appliances, bathroom ceramics and fittings, interior design elements and additions, lamps, radiators, as well as libraries of ceramic tiles, various textures and paints. The Professional Rendering Module is available in standard, which means that the most innovative features of rendering (Global Illumination algorithms such as Radiosity and Raytracing) and many other useful functions of visualization are available with no additional costs. All this makes CAD Decor PRO the most comprehensive tool on Polish market of CAD software. Available for purchase from 18th April 2012.
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Language Support:
Polish, English, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, Slovak
Application Type:
Vertical Application
Main Category:
Architectural Design Visualization
Sub Category:
Building Design  
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