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CAD-Manufacturing Solutions (CMS)
Based on:
IntelliCAD 9
Product Description:
ETOOLBOX® CAD VIEWER is a mobile CAD application (*.dwg) viewer of the CMS IntelliCAD® CAD Software or any CAD software able to create *.dwg files. With ETOOLBOX® MOBILE CAD TOOLS you'll keep your drawing files private, secure, and always available. You'll be able to open and view the *.dwg files stored on your mobile device or cloud based folders. With ETOOLBOX® MOBILE CAD TOOLS, CAD file uploads will not be needed. What you can do with ETOOLBOX® MOBILE CAD TOOLS: * Open 2D and 3D *.dwg extension CAD files directly from your device folders or cloud folders; * Control layers visibility; * Use one-finger-touch pan; * Use multi-touch 2D zoom and pan; * Use multi-touch 3D zoom and pan; * Use one-finger-touch 3D rotation and orbit view; * 6 preset axis views; * 4 preset isometric views; * 3D wire-frame, 3D hidden, 3D conceptual and 3D realistic rendering modes; * One button zoom in and out, zoom extents; * 2D approximate dimensions; * Toggle grey-scale mode; Run on Android and Windows Desktop systems.
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EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PT, PL, JP, ZH-Hans
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Stand-alone IntelliCAD
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Stand-alone IntelliCAD
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