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IntelliCAD 9
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ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS is an industry-specific module of the ArCADia BIM system, based on the ideology of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The program can be used to create professional design documentation of drainage systems on architectural background drawings. The program is intended for designers of internal drainage systems. ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS allows the object-oriented insertion of drawing elements on architectural background drawings, including the creation of design diagrams and generation of extensions and profiles. The user can design a drainage system in terms of drained waste water: grey and black water, rainwater (for the locations of outlet pipes in a building or when it is necessary to run outlet pipes under a building floor) and process waste-water. Plan drawings can be produced on architectural background drawings in the form of bitmap or vector files. In order to work, ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS module need a license for: ArCADia LT or ArCADia or ArCADia PLUS.
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Polish, English
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Vertical Application
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Civil Engineering  
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