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IntelliCAD 8
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ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES is an industry-specific module of the ArCADia BIM system, based on the ideology of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The program can be used to create a network of evacuation routes in buildings. Evacuation routes can be visualised and printed in sizes depending on the user's needs. The program is intended for engineers, architects and builders or people in charge of maintenance in public utility buildings. A user of ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES can quickly create building plans, including the visualisation of evacuation routes. Such plans must be available in public utility buildings (hotels, shopping malls, etc.) to assist people inside such a facility to find the fastest evacuation route from the building in case of fire or any other emergency situations. A user can create evacuation maps on the basis of existing building and spatial development plans (formats: DWG, IFC, DXF) or make their own drawings representing a given area using the ArCADia system tools. The program offers a symbol and board library for protection and evacuation in the case of fire. The library content can be edited. In order to work, ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES module need a license for: ArCADia LT or ArCADia or ArCADia PLUS or AutoCAD. If ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES module is installed as an overlay for AutoCAD, ArCADia AC module is required.
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Vertical Application
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Civil Engineering
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Other (Building Design)