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Product Name:
ActCAD Rail Road Section Drawings
Company Name:
ActCAD 2D & 3D CAD Solutions
Based on:
IntelliCAD 10
Product Description:
ActCAD 2019 Rail Road Sections is a standalone CAD Software that has the capability of complete 2D Drafting. It is a native DWG/ DXF CAD Software and is 100% compatible with AutoCAD. With the power of Latest IntelliCAD Technology, ActCAD 2019 Rail Road Sections incorporates many additional features. Open PDF to Edit feature in ActCAD 2019 Rail Road Sections Software helps the user to convert his drawing file in a PDF format directly in to a CAD Drawing file without any need of external PDF to DWG Converters. If the user has a rail road section drawing profile in a PDF form, he need not worry about starting the drawing from scratch level. He can just use the Open PDF to Edit Feature, select the Drawing PDF file and start drawing or editing. ActCAD 2019 Rail Road Sections software also has inbuilt Raster to Vector Converter that allows the user to vectorize his raster files (image)to a CAD Drawing. This tool traces the rail road plans and saves the traced out vector in a drawing exchange format.
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Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering  
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Land Development