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Product Name:
CADdirect 2022
Company Name:
BackToCAD Technologies LLC.
Based on:
IntelliCAD 10
Product Description:
CADdirect is a powerful CAD system with .dwg (version 11-2022) as the native database. CADdirect offers perfect PDF Import/Export with Raster 2 Vector and editing of .dwg files. A Professional Grade 2D/3D CAD System for .DWG Files (2000-2021) Best Full Compatible ACAD 2D/3D Alternative as Permanent License Full 3D ACIS Solids Support - Creating and Boolean Operations (Pro 3D) 3D Wireframe and Facetten - Creating and Boolean Operations STEP / IGES / SAT Import / Export of B-Rep 3D Models (Pro 3D) .DWG/.DXF (ACAD Version 2000-2021) as Native File Format PDF Import with Raster 2 Vector and OCR on PDF Images 2D/3D PDF Publishing with Ready 3D PDF Templates Import of ACAD Menus, Tool Palettes, Fonts, Styles Easy to Learn and to Understand for ACAD Users. Fair Affordable Pricing and Permanent Licensing with Standard LISP, Script, and C++ Interface. English, Spanish, and German Interfaces in One Software.
Product Website:  
Language Support:
English, Spanish, German
Application Type:
Vertical Application
Main Category:
Sub Category:
Building Design  
Other Category:
Civil Engineering