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Product Name:
Print2CAD 2022 Ultimate
Company Name:
BackToCAD Technologies LLC.
Based on:
IntelliCAD 10
Product Description:
PDF to CAD Conversion as Fully Editable DWG/DXF Drawing, PDF to CAD With Vectorization on PDF Raster Images, PDF to CAD With OCR of Raster Text in PDF Images, PDF to CAD Import with OCR on Non-Native PDF Text, PDF to CAD With Text and Symbol Recognition, PDF to CAD With Calibration of Coordinates, Recognition of Layers, Linetypes, Line Weights, Recognition of Walls, Wall-Corners, Symbols, Including Batch DWG to 3D/2D Publisher, Including Batch DWG to DWG Converter and CADdirect 2021 LT
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Language Support:
English, German, Spanish, Italian, French
Application Type:
Stand-alone IntelliCAD
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